Thin Oxygen-Permeable Membranes

Students: Anita Kadrija and Anna Sofie Egerup

A good adhesion between polymer coatings and substrate is essential in many applications, enabling the use of polymer film for various purposes – as barriers towards the environment, as active parts of sensors, etc. The current project focusses on coatings of a gas-permeable polymer film of a few micrometre thickness supported by a glass surface. The film acts as a barrier to liquids, solids and ionic species, but as membrane allowing the passage of gases at a rate depending on dimensions and composition of the film. In this case, the adhesion between glass and coating determines the coating robustness relating to for instance abrasion and thermal expansion.

The project aims at developing methods to improve the adhesion of the polymer film to the glass surface and to tailor membrane thickness and shape to optimize sensor response

Involved partnes: Unisense

Data, progress, and status on the project is found here.

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Project Presentation