Synthesis of Graphene Oxide for Polyurethane

Graphene is a new and still widely unexplored material in combination with other materials. It has excellent electrical and mechanical properties which has great potential to enhance already existing product materials. Synthesizing graphene in different polymers is still an unexplored area of graphene research but promising due to the wide range of uses of plastic and polymers everywhere in the world.

The polymers synthesis is a well-studied field, but by adding graphene the synthesis procedure must be altered and an optimal graphene ratio must be found. Well known polymers, like Polyurethane (PUR), Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) and fluoropolymer will be used, since their basic properties are well known and can be compared with new results by doing characterization.

Polymers are used for many different purposes and thus requires different properties. The characterization will be performed to determine the purity of the graphene and the effect of graphene in the polymer, including changes to mechanical, electrostatic, electric and barrier properties. The result should be a polymer with graphene which can have commercial possibilities, and be replicated and scaled to industrial contexts.

The goal of this thesis is, creating and optimizing a synthesis method for graphene oxide to be utilized in polyurethane, followed by characterization of the graphene oxide in the material and its electrical and mechanical properties.