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Being a student in the Open Science Community


Entering the Open Science Community, is entering a brand-new way of science. For a student choosing where to do a shorter or longer project, choosing to do a project in the Open Science Community results in a lot of conceptions and expectations. But what is Open Science seen from the perspective of a student.

Open Science is the opportunity to work close together with key players from the industry, it is a community consisting of a group of students with a certain way of doing science – together. It is keeping focus on industrially relevant challenges but from a scientific and research perspective.

The ambition is to do close collaborations between students and relevant companies. This will allow for the students to get both academic and industrial feedback on their projects as they progress – in the future the feedback may be both in a direct dialog at the monthly open science meeting and directly through the Open Science Framework, where the world can follow the projects (https://osf.io/wudyt/). The open industrial-academia collaboration, furthermore presents an opportunity to grow a professional network and get a deeper understanding of what is expected after the studies. Through the collaborations and due to the certain way of designing the projects, the students will take part in a new form of industrial innovation, that will hopefully result in an understanding of what it is to be a scientist in the industry.

Being an Open Science student means putting your plans and results on a framework, free for all to access and comment on (https://osf.io/wudyt/). This involves not only the success results but also the struggles. Putting failed experiments and unexpected results on the framework, opens for the discussions and feedback from other scientists, students, industrial partners, or even the public. Maybe the feedback on the struggles and failed experiments will be the push forward, the next good idea, or maybe the unexpected results after all hold some interesting knowledge. Hopefully, sharing the data with the rest of the world will result in faster progress and even more exiting results.

The students involved in the Open Science Community are very aware of the sense of community. There is a common dedication to give feedbac
k to each other, to support each other, and to take responsibility for evolving the Open Science community to become both stronger and more open in the future. This is evident both in the everyday work in the lab and office, where a mutual care and concern for the progress of projects is present. Both pride and enthusiasm is heard in the voices when Open Science is explained to an outsider. There is always room for more students in this close teamwork of Open Science.

More on the specific projects running in the Open Science Community, is found here (https://osf.io/wudyt/)