Self-immolative disulfide polymers

Student: Maiken Berglund Davidsen

Poly DTT with inspiration from the self-immolative polymer systems

This project is inspired by the self-immolative polymer systems, where the main goal is to synthesize a polymer from DTT with a ketal group, as shown. A self-immolative polymer is a polymer which can be triggered by an external signal to depolymerize. It is simply a system which can dissolve on demand. Normally a self-immolative polymer contains an end cap which stabilizes the polymer. In this project however, the ring strain that is introduced to the molecule whenever the ketal group is present on the alcohol groups is utilized. By deprotecting the alcohol groups, the ring strain is released, and the polymer might start to depolymerize as a self-immolative polymer.

Data, progress, and status on the project is found here.