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Projects SPOMAN

SPOMAN – Smart Polymer Materials and Nano-composites

SPOMAN is the master title covering the projects done in the Open Science Community. SPOMAN projects are centered around the development and investigation of Smart POlymer Materials And Nanocomposites.

Smart Materials

Smart materials or intelligent materials are materials that are carefully designed to obtain specific desirable properties. The materials can be designed to have specific surface qualities or the specific property can be part of the entire material. Smart materials are used in many very different industries and are incorporated in many products that we all come by in our lives. Some examples are shape-memory polymers used in sportswear and to seal window frames, and piezoelectric materials that generate voltage upon exposure to stress.

By designing materials to have specific properties some materials can adopt properties of other materials. Some of the important properties introduced in smart materials can affect the adhesion between materials, introduce anti-fouling or self-cleaning properties, or maybe even self-healing, anti-corrosive, or low-friction properties. Thus, it is hard to imagine any production industry that could not benefit from smart materials in either the production process or directly in a product.

Smart materials are important for many industries

Introducing smart materials could be done to lower the cost of the product, reduce the environmental impact from the production procedures, or to increase the effectivity or flexibility of the production process. Upgrading the properties of cheap or easily available materials will result in an opportunity to use cheaper alternatives, more sustainable alternatives, or perhaps alternatives that are easier to acquire. This will result in a competitive advantage for the companies ready to learn from the fundamental research within smart materials.

The student projects under the SPOMAN title are designed based on the challenges presented by involved companies. The research done in the Open Science Community will not solve specific company challenges but rather focus on the fundamental issues found in the presented challenges.

Everyone are invited to join the Open Science Community and participate in the relevant discussions of cases, science and results found on the Open Science Framework.