Osso is the Open Science Student Organisation

The student organization is for all current and former open science students and was founded in September 2018

Information about meeting dates, minutes, and other relevant information is found below

Sep 11 | Founding general meeting
  1. Formalities
    • Election of chairman: Andreas
    • Election of reporter: Iben
    • Election of vote counters: Dennis, Nichlas
    • Approval of By laws
      1. By laws were approved
    • Overview of activities in OSSO
      1. No activities have been planned yet
    • Incoming suggestions to activities in OSSO. Suggestions must reach the board a week before the assembly.
      1. No suggestions were received
    • Election
      • 1 President: Andreas
      • 1 Vice President: Asger
      • 2 Ordinary board members: Jakob, Maiken
  1. Other comments:
    • The board will make a facebookgroup for the OSSO
    • T-shirts for OS events: Send size, color requests, and other comments to Andreas or Asger (contact information on the webpage)
    • It was suggested to seek funding from IDA Aarhus for social events.

Open Science Student Organisation By-Laws

Board of OSSO

Andreas Brunsgaard Laursen



Asger Agergaard


Jakob Pagh Nikolajsen


Maiken Davidsen