Open Science for Companies

If you are interested in synergistic projects where companies and academia work together and utilize their competences to the maximum, Open Science is for you. If you have projects or part of a project that could benefit others, e.g. developing a new process method, Open Science is for you. Does your company have R&D projects that are associated with great risk? Then Open Science is for you. Read further for elaboration.

What is Open Science?

Open Science is a movement. It is about contributing to a knowledge pool that will benefit all members and partners. Open Science creates synergistic effects between companies and academia, e.g. with projects
developing analytical platforms free for all. It is about sharing equipment and results – which are NOT part of your core business – elevating the research and development in your company and creating open-access outputs that can be the steppingstone to a new patent or application.

Why you should do Open Science?

Students and researchers will know the company when they are looking for jobs and projects – you can present your company at a meeting or by having students and/or researchers visit your workplace. The risk of starting a new research project is lowered, since the joint Open Science community share the
risk and the findings. Open Science can also include projects that are only partially open – Hence, companies can collaborate when working with non-core business and keep their core business(es) distanced from Open Science and open-access. Members provide research and results that can elevate the entire community and society, benefitting everyone. By letting researchers and students work with your equipment and by your standards, the results will give you a leading edge on other companies. You should NOT join Open Science to access ‘a free development department’ – everyone benefits when everyone contributes. Hence, you must have a proactive mindset when joining the community.

How do you become a member?

You can join one of the first-coming seminars with one or several employees. This way you get to know other collaborators of the community. If you already know members of the community, e.g. partnering companies or researchers you can ask them why they are participating. You might learn that their reasons apply to your company as well. Finally, you can contact us by email or phone, and we will assist you in analysing how your resources can be utilized most beneficial for you and the community.

Contact us now and become a part of Open Science!

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