Nylon Polymer Brushes

Student: Jonas Greibe Hansen

This project will address challenges from the industry concerning adhesion of nylon on different substrates. Nylon is used in many different applications and a desire to use nylon in combination with other materials has often been expressed. The ability to combine nylon and other materials could potentially reduce both the weight and the cost of many widely-used components.

Polymer brushes are chains or polymers arranged as hairs on a brush on the surface of a material.  The polymer brushes can be attached to both flat surfaces and very curved surfaces. The methods used to attach the polymer brushes depends on the substrates (the polymer and the surface) and on the desired application.

In the SPOMAN project covering nylon polymer brushes the aim is to produce and investigate nylon polymers on either metal or glass using different strategies.

Data, progress, and status on the project is found here.