Knowledge Center for Open Science (KNOCOS) is an organization established to understand, develop and spread the Open Science concepts and practices.

We want to know how open science affects the quality of academic research, how it potentially enables more industrial innovation – and whether or not it is aligned with the career opportunities of the individual researchers, and the research groups’ ability to attract external funding. KNOCOS evaluates and documents the impact of SPOMAN and any other platform that may follow in the future.

We are also actively engaging with policy makers, funding agencies and other stakeholders, in a strategic effort to increase awareness of the Open Science concept.

We are always looking to collaborate with researchers, industry – and other open science initiatives – from around the world. By doing so, we hope to create shared knowledge on the benefits and challenges of “Open Science” in its many different forms.

Naturally, we are more than happy to share our findings. Please do not hesitate to contact us:

Kim Daasbjerg, Professor
Director of KNOCOS

Marie Louise Conradsen, PhD
Vice Director of KNOCOS
Phone: +(45) 93 50 84 96

Jacob Ramsay, PhD
KNOCOS Strategic and Scientific Partner,
Phone: +(45) 93 50 84 85