Electrochemical exfoliation and functionalization of graphene for applying Singe-Electron Transfer Living Radical Polymerization


Student: Sisse Rasmussen

Supervisors: Steen Uttrup Pedersen, Kim Daasbjerg

Project description: Graphite is electrochemically exfoliated in sulfuric acid in the presence of chloromethylphenyl diazonium salt in order to produce benzylchloride modified few-layers graphene. The functionalized graphene will then be used as ATRP initiator for growing graphene-immobilized polymer brushes. Different polymer brushes will be synthesized and mixed into bulk polymers with the hope to add new properties like electrical or heat conductance, mechanical strength to the composite graphene/polymer.

Hypothesis: The hope is that new properties of the composite can be achieved with lower loading of functionalized graphene due to a better blending/dispersion of the functionalized graphene in the polymer melt or monomer.

Methods: The projects involves electrochemistry, synthesis (diazonium salt and polymer brushes), molding of the composite and mechanical/physical test of the composite

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