Open Science is for all and thus participation is free

– however open science activities are expensive.

Your support will help us continue current activities, build new valuable collaborations, and create even more knowledge to benefit society. You have two donation options to support the Open Science collaboration – either you can support the sharing of knowledge through the open science seminars, or you can support the creation of knowledge by supporting the Open Science research.

Support the Sharing of Knowledge

Open Science offers a series of free seminars of topical talks given by leading researchers and companies. We believe the knowledge and network offered at these events should be available for anyone, and thus the talks are offered for free. We are fortunate to have companies in our network, who have donated funds to drive some of the research done in Open Science. Furthermore Open Science is supported by the Danish Industry Foundation. These donations and support has enabled us to offer free seminars, knowledge and network, however for this to continue, we need your help.

If you wish to support the continuing of the Open Science Seminar, please fill in the form below, send an email to, or register a donation when you register for the next Open Science Seminar.

Support the Creation of Knowledge

Research and knowledge generation is expensive, and to ensure the best possibilities for our students, we ask you to support open science research. The support can come in form of a donation or through a joined grant application. Please, contact or fill in the form below if you wish to support Open Science Research.

Funding academic research will result in tax benefits.


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