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Student presentations

NEWTEC has been part of Open Science since the beginning

Bjarke Jørgensen took us through the both the challenges and values of Open Science – enjoy!

COWI is new in Open Science.

Hans Møller introduced us to the visions, hopes and goals for COWI within Open Science. The presentation given by Hans is now available for you to go through.

COWI aim to do applied tribology(Science of friction and wear) within the Open Science collaboration. The ambition is to be the centre in Denmark for applied tribology and the Open Science collaboration is the place to get new knowledge and new competences.

“It might not be that sexy but (grease and lubricants are) very important”

COWI is working on transformers – how is failing detected at an early timepoint? Ethylene release has been seen to be an early sign of failing transformers. The data are accesible on the OSF:  – your input and comments are more than welcome.