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Collaborators | Spoman OS


The SPOMAN Open Science collaboration joins university researchers, students, and industrial partners together. The engagement in the open science collaboration varies, leaving room for all to join at a suitable level.


The role of the industry is to challenge the science by pitching future challenges within material-science. The future industrial challenges will serve as a guideline for in which direction to guide the science. The open science collaboration provides an opportunity to get directly involved in the basic science by guiding students towards relevant material-combinations, methods etc. The students will be able to do part of their project  at the company. Read more about being a company in open science here.


The researchers act as partners for discussion when new challenges are pitched by the industry. Relevant and broad future challenges are converted into basic research projects suitable for student-projects at the university. The student-projects are mostly conducted at the university where the researcher will function as supervisor for the students. The open science collaboration encourage close collaboration between researchers and industry both concerning the open science basic research projects but also in projects turned into applied science projects and conducted outside the open science platform. It is evident that industrial-PhDs and -Post.docs would be chosen to do these projects. Read more about being a researcher in open science here.


The students are the core of the open science collaboration as they are conducting the open science projects, sharing their findings, and connect the industry and the university. A

ll results and findings are shared on the open science framework. Both industry and researchers have access to the findings and are thus capable to discuss the science and future strategies. The students will get the opportunity to visit some of the companies engaged in open science, either to work in the industrial laboratories or to learn more about the academic-science is relevant in an industrial setting. Open Science projects can be conducted in every lab at the university, as long as the project is covered by the SPOMAN agreement (focus on smart polymer materials and nano composites) Read more about being an open science student here.

Would you like to join the Open Science Collaboration or are you curious to learn more, please do not hesitate to contact us today.