CLIP 3D Printing Technology

Sudent: Jeppe Børsting

Based on the project “Implementing fiber materials in 3D printing”, started by Matias Oudal Rasmussen and Jens Vinge Nygaard, this project focus on testing an actual 3D printed object.

This project focus on using the CLIP technology to print a geometry and test it. The CLIP (Continuous Liquid Interface Production) technology is a 3D printing technology that makes it possible to print up to 100x faster than conventional DLS and SLA printers do.

The goal with this project is to finish the set-up of the CLIP 3D printer, print a complex geometry, like a shoesole or a wing for an aircraft, and test its mechanical properties and use microtomography to analyze the microstructure to see if any errors should have occurred. With the results from these tests, it is possible to vary the achieved geometry and adjust the printer so it becomes more accurate.

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