Breakdown of Polymers

Breakdown of polymers in terms of selective breakdown via C-C bond cleavage and understanding and preventing the breakdown/devaluation of the polymer in a circular economy context. The following topics are interesting

  • General methods for C–C bond cleavage or other selective bond cleavages
  • Categorization of polymers eligible for recycling (ranking systems according to ease of breakdown)
  • Cleaning procedures
  • Quality impact upon subsequent cycles
  • Recycling vs breakdown in context of circular economy (how to maintain the value of polymers?


Involved partnes: Aarhus University (Kim Daasbjerg, Steen Uttrup Pedersen, Alexander Zelikin, Mogens Hinge) ECCO, LEGO, Færch Plast, Teknologisk Institut

Contact person industry: Ram Søren Sarusie (Færch Plast)

Contact person AU: Mogens Hinge

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