Bone Promoting Coatings

Strontium Functionalized Implants for Accelerated Osseointegration

Student: Carla Martín Chinarro


Strontium (Sr) is known to promote the formation of bone. This has led to a number of coatings [1] and surface treatments containing Strontium, aimed at implants in contact with bone. A few studies has also reported an antibacterial effect of released Strontium [2]. A detailed mapping of the Sr-release is the basis for examining a possible combined antibacterial and bone-promoting effect of such coatings.

In this project we will characterize the actual release-rate and the resulting concentrations of Strontium, found at the bone/implant interface, subsequent to implantation. The technology that will be examined during this project will be based on Ti-O-Sr coatings prepared by physical vapour deposition (PVD). The research will be utilizing a setup resembling real in vivo applications.


  • PVD for producing the coatings
  • XPS for chemical analysis of surface/release volume
  • EDX for further chemical characterization of the coating chemistry
  • ICP-AES for Sr release studies
  • Mammalian and potentially bacterial cell cultures
[1]: O. Z. Andersen et al, Biomaterials, 34 (2013) 5883-5890, [2]: D. S. Brauer et al., J. R. Soc. Interface, 20120647


Involved partnes: Aarhus University (Morten Foss), Elos Medtech

Data, progress, and status on the project is found here.

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