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Welcome to the Open Science Community

Fundamental research is most often conducted behind the walls of the university. In a closed society, willing to share a minimum of information about their hypothesis, methods and findings with outsiders. But what if fundamental research found its way into the world and into the industry. What if fundamental research could solve some of the problems faced by the industry or maybe unknown research territories was the missing piece of the puzzle. What if fundamental research was done in an open collaboration between the industry and the university, a collaboration where inputs from everyone were welcome. This is exactly what the SPOMAN Open Science Community is about.

SPOMAN Open Science is sharing our findings, our thoughts, and our challenges. We base the projects on challenges found in the industry but solved as fundamental research projects. Both research groups from universities and industrial partners are invited to join, and together challenges, solutions, and science are discussed, defined, and solved. The research process is shared with both collaborators and the rest of the world all the way from idea over research to results. This approach allows us to learn from each other, to discover new industries of application and for the students to be able to identify how their education is not only valuable in academia but also has direct value in the industry.


Everybody benefits

In the Open Science Community, the research is publicly available on the Open Science Framework (https://osf.io/wudyt/) . Everyone can follow the research, comment on it, and use it. This allows for the researcher to have direct interaction with other researchers within the same field, edging fields, or perhaps researchers using the same or relevant methods; but also with people from the industry or curios people from a different line of work. The goal is to obtain direct feedback while the projects are running and a possibility to seek knowledge and inspiration in other open projects.

Now, how will the industry benefit from entering the Open Science Community? In the Open Science Community, a new innovation-approach is offered; addressing challenges from a new perspective. The open collaboration offers access to the newest science and knowledge with an opportunity to affect the direction of the science through discussions and inputs. Specific challenges will be taken from the industry and phrased as a fundamental research question, to supply the industry with the beginning of the solution of specific challenges. The obtained knowledge is free for all to use in the following industrial incorporation and optimization processes.

In time the Open Science community wish to affect the education of the candidates of the future, preparing the students for a future in not only academia but also in the industry. A special focus on transforming fundamental research into industrial applications as well as the other way around in an entrepreneur-context will give the students a solid foundation to define the industry of tomorrow.

Everyone is welcome to join in and participate in the Open Science Community.

Will you help us share the story about SPOMAN Open Science?

We would like everybody to know about Open Science – this includes your network!

To make it easier for you to share Open Science with your network, we have created an Open Science brochure for you to handout or send to anyone you think should know about open science.

The brochure is available as download and in a printed version. You can get the print version from Stine at an Open Seminar.

Open Science Brochure