Seminars, Network and Meetings in the Fall 2019

September 19 is all about recyclability. We will focus on both the research perspective of creating materials suitable for recycling and the industrial perspective of recycling materials today and in the future.
Registration is open and found here:

On October 29 it is time to get a feeling of the projects again. We will organize a day of preject meetings and project discussions.

November 28 we will sum up the SPOMAN Open Science Platform supported by the Danish Industry Foundation with a Final SPOMAN Conference. This a day to celebrate all the successes and discuss the future of Open Science in Denmark.
Registration is open and found here:

We hope to see many familiar and new faces in this semester, so please feel free to share the information with your network and colleagues.

Networking, Entrepreneurship and Research

This summer, many of the students representing Open Science concluded their studies and thus the engagement in Open Science. This means, that new students are ready to take their place. This semester many of the engaged students are doing open PhD projects.
To support the students, as a new initiative, this year we offer the students a course in translating basic research to industrial relevance. This course is offered in collaboration with Open Entrepreneurship at Aarhus University and the PhD school for Science and Technology.

Sharing knowledge

This semester we will focus a bit more on the produced data, science and knowledge. This meas tidying up the Open Science Framework where all data is found, collecting projects and convert them into knowledge, and sharing open science finding through new channels.

If you have an idea for dissemination, a story worth telling, or perhaps a great contact who can help, please let us know.

Open Science is supported by
The Danish Industry Foundation