Open Science Festival

On May 16 2019, Open Science Festival will take place!

This year we have filled the program with a lot of exciting science presented by professor Nikolaj Gadegaard from University of Glasgow, Professor Scott Phillips from Biose State University, Professor Thomas Vosegaard from Aarhus University, and a lot of Open Science project presentations.

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Open Science 2019/2020

On Tuesday 30 April, new projects and project-groups were discussed and formed. A big thank you to both researchers, students and companies for engaging in lively and open discussions about the future projects in SPOMAN.
Keep an eye on the webpage in the near future to be kept up to date about Open Science projects 2019:
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Funding situation

Open Science SPOMAN is running out. During the past 2 years we have:

  • held more than 20 seminars
  • had more than 30 students working on more than 20 projects
  • The members list has grown from 30 in the beginning of 2017 to the 265 people subscribing to our updates today.
  • We have attracted more than 6 mio. DKK for research and administration

Open Science is here to stay and thus we will give it our best to raise money for not only Open Science within materials but also Open Science within other areas of research.

Green Challenge

Can you design a future without plastic waste?

The SPOMAN collaboration has for the past 2 years been working for development of new materials and a big subject in this development is sustainability! The ministry of higher education invites new research-based solutions on three big subjects to the Green Challenge. The Green challenge focus on ways to convert COin to valuable resources, creating a future without plastic waste, and new approaches to feeding the growing population.
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Future Open Science meetings

Thursday 16 May: Open Science Festival
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Dates and format of the fall season will come soon.

Open Science is supported by
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