Open Science Seminar: Composites

Did you miss the Open Seminar about composites?

The day gave an inspiring insight into the world of composites. More information about the day and the speakers is found here.

The 3rd Open Science Festival

We are getting close! Are you ready for the science festival at iNANO, Aarhus University?

On 16 May, the 3rd Open Science Festival will take place and we have a lot of exiting science for you this year.

You can find the programme and register now:

At the festival we invite you to bring a poster and give a 1 minute presentation of your research or company.

SP Medical donates prize to Open Science

In september 2018, SP Medical was recognized with the Regional Plunkett Honorable Mention and a prize of 1000$ at the Plunkett Awards hosted by The Chemours Company.

SP Medical decided to donate the money to research in SPOMAN Open Science to further the development of reversible adhesives. The money will help students in Open Science further collecting data and produce innovative knowledge in the field of material development.

SPOMAN Open Science thanks SP Medical for the donation.

Modern technology reveals medieval texts

NEWTEC and university of Southern Denmark combine knowledge and technology for common benefit. Read about it here.

Will you help support an Open Science project

The graphene project need funding for a short employment and you can help. If you want to hear more about it or you are ready to donate, please contact Kim Daasbjerg ( , Andreas Laursen ( or Stine Kristensen (

Open Science Workshop in Stockholm

On March 19th and 20th 2019, Open Science went to Stockholm to educate Nordic PhD students and PostDocs in the open way of collaborations.

The students were very engaged in the discussion of making data work for society vs. not giving away all the briliant ideas for free, read more here.

Follow the Open Science Projects

The open science projects of 2018/2019 are coming to an end. The writing process for the master theses and project reports is in full swing.
If you have missed out on the projects, data and reports from the material development projects in Open Science, may be found here:
Are you interested in research concerning CO2 conversion, data and projects are found here:

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