Thursday 28 March 2019, Open Science hosted an Open Seminar with Composites as the topic. The day was organized in collaboration with Michal Budzik, who gave the first talk. Michal introduced the field of composites as well as his research within mechanics of interfaces, adhesion and the fracture of these.

From the industry, the seminar welcomed Hans Knudsen from Comfil. Comfil produces tailormade yarn of thermoplastic composites for many industries with a need for fabrics with improved strength.

Rene Alderliesten from Delft University of Technology gave en inspiring talk about the challenge of describing fracture theories and the task of creating common model, broad enough to cover the entire field of fracture research. This is important to ensure correct and common interpretation of data.

Mie Andersen from the Technical University of Munich focused on a smaller type of composites, namely nanocomposites and in particular, graphene. Mie does simulations and theoretical chemistry and took us through a project of producing graphene and simulating the conditions in the reactor LMCAT.

The day was concluded by Open Science student Andreas Laursen. Andreas is doing a project focusing on graphene and graphene composites. Even though this project is very successful, he still needs some result, and thus he would like your help ensuring an extra 6-12 month on the project to generate crucial results. If you wish to help with this funding, please contact Andreas (, his supervisor Kim Daasbjerg (, or Open Science project manager Stine Kristensen ( You can find Andreas’ results here:


Find the presentations from the seminar below: