On March 19th and 20th, Open Science went to Stockholm to educate Nordic PhD students and PostDocs in the open way of collaborations. On a daily basis these students and junior researchers from the Nordic Consortium for CO2 Conversion (NordCO2), work on different ways to utilize the extra CO2 in the atmosphere. (Read more about the Consortium here: https://site.uit.no/nordco2/).

For two days, 20 PhD students and PostDocs from all of Scandinavia exchanged laboratories, computers, and chemicals for Open Science, Open Data, and sharing of knowledge. The students were asked to share their findings and their challenges, they engaged in lively discussions about the future of science in a world with data overload, and they were introduced to the first taste of how scientific finding may be delivered in a way that is both catchy and understandable to the rest of society.

The result of this workshop was a lot of cool projects and data in a new field of open science! Read more here https://cadicat-os.org/ and find a lot of cool projects with data here: https://osf.io/wzv4n/

We all learned a lot on these two days! Thank you to the participants and to NordCO2 for joining in.