Did you miss the Biopolymer Seminar?

Thursday 27 February, Open Science once again opened the doors to an Open Science Seminar,
This time the theme was Biopolymers and Biomimicking. If you missed this great day, and is intersted in knowing more about the topic, you can find a short summary of the day here: https://spoman-os.org/2019/02/28/biopolymers-and-biomimicking/

Funding status

Open Science projects need funding to move from student projects to accelerated research projects.
If you have interest in joining a project and seek funding, please contact stinek@inano.au.dk or ibenbk@inano.au.dk

To keep the seminars interesting, we would like to be able to invite the best speakers from the world. This however is not free. Thus, in order to keep the seminars, we ask you to consider how much you are willing to, and able to, pay to join the seminars. You are able to pay for your attendance when you register.

Funding Task Force

To ensure future funding of both SPOMAN Open Science and the science we suggest the creation of a funding task force. We would like both representatives from companies, university and the Open Science Management to be part of this. The task force will formulate a funding strategy and initiate funding applications.

If you have interest in joining this group or want to know more, please contact Iben (ibenbk@inano.au.dk), Stine (stinek@inano.au.dk) or Kim (kdaa@chem.au.dk)

Find more about the funding situation
here: https://spoman-os.org/2019/02/28/open-science-2-years-later/
or here: https://spoman-os.org/donate/

Follow the projects

Sustainable Polymers and Machine Learning has a broad interest in the Open Science Community, however the projct needs funding for a kickstart. The current status of the project is found here: https://osf.io/7cw9j/

Reversible adhesion has been a project in SPOMAN since the beginning of Open Science and is carried out by Asger Agergaard. Today Asger is a PhD student on an other project, however you will still be able to find some updates in the project and contact Asger: https://osf.io/ewx3d/

Remember you are always welcome to join a studentproject or we can take the project a step further and accelerate til science. Please contact stinek@inano.au.dk or ibenbk@inano.au.dk if you want to know more.
You can find an overview of all Open Science projects here: https://osf.io/wudyt/

Open Science workshop at NordCO2 meeting

In March Open Science will join the NordCO2 meeting at KTH in Stockholm to share knowledge about doing open science. NordCO2  is a Nordic research collaboration working with CO2 catalysis (read more here: https://site.uit.no/nordco2/). Many of the researchers have already expressed interest in being part of the Open Science Platform CadiCat (www.cadicat-os.org) and now the PhDs involved in these projects will be introduced to the principles of open science.

Practical Information About Seminars

Registration for the spring seminars are open and you are able to register for them all today (find links below). When you have registered, you can find all relevant information about the seminars in the Conference Manager App called CM Events. 

You are always welcome to provide input to future themes and inspiring speakers. This will allow us to continue make great seminars together! Please contact stinek@inano.au.dk or ibenbk@inano.au.dk with your input.

Future Open Science seminars

Thursday 28 March: the Open Science Seminar theme is Composites
Registration: https://events.au.dk/composites

Thursday 16 May: the Third Open Science Festival
Registration: https://events.au.dk/os-festival

Open Science is supported by The Danish Industry Foundation