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Welcome to Open Science 2019

We are ready with a new semester of Open Science projects and Open Science Seminars.
Mark the seminar dates today:
January 29: Coatings.
Register here:
February 27: Biopolymers and biomimic
March 28: Composites
April 30: Medical Polymers
May 16: Open Science Festival

Supporting Open Science

Open Science is today funded by The Danish Industry Foundation, Aarhus University, and crowdfunded means from the Open Science Industry.

The funding will run out in 2019 – we are applying for further funding, but if we shall keep the standard of the Open Science seminars we need Your help.
Thus you are now able to pay for your own participation in the Open Science Seminars (Keep in mind a seminar cost app. 25.000 Dkr).
If you wish to support the research in Open Science (and get the Tax benefits) this is also possible. Go through this link:

Have you checked out the projects lately?

If you are interested in biomedical implants or more specific functionalization of titanium by dopamine you should contact Maiken Davidsen at the Open Science Seminar on Tuesday or have a look at

If graphene is more relevant for you, you should contact Sisse Rasmussen or Andreas Laursen. You can also check out their projects at here: and

You could also have a look at the Synthesis of RAFT initiator on Metallic Surfaces here: The project is conducted by Jonas Greibe Hansen.

The January Open Science Seminar focus on Coatings

On Tuesday 29 January the first 2019 Open Science Seminar will take place. You will be introduced to different types of protective coatings  and why we need coatings.
Deadline for registration is Monday 28. You can find the program and register here:

Open Science is supported by the Danish Industry Foundation