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August was kick-off month and an opportunity to learn about the large Danish research facilities at the open seminar “seeing the invisible”.

The day was initiated by Henrik Birkedal, Associate Professor at AU, who gave an introduction to high resolution imaging of complex materials. Henrik touched upon the different opportunities in different techniques and how you can get important information about the structure and behavior of a material by choosing the right technique. Henrik focused in his talk on using syncrotrons, either alone or in combination with other techniques. If you think you have a project that could benefit from the expertise of Henriks, please do not hesitate contact either Henrik or Open Science.

Dorthe Posselt, PhD, from The Centre for Frustrated Molecules, RUC, gave a presentation on how small angle x-ray and neutron scattering can provide many important information about soft materials at the 1-100nm scale. This could be about the behavior of the soft material under different conditions, or how the components of the soft material move among themselves. If you want to know more about Dorthes work, contact information is found here.

DanMAX( is a Danish X-ray materials science beamline, dedicated to in situ and operando experiments on real materials. In other words, through DanMAX you are able to test the material most interesting to you under conditions you define. For industrial use of the equipment, you can either team up with a researcher and create a research project surrounding the investigation of the material – the use of the beamline is free if it is used for research purposes and in a true Open Science spirit, the findings must be shared. If you are in a hurry and do not want to share your findings, it is also possible just to pay for beam-time.

If you wish to learn more about DanMAX and how you can benefit from it, you should contact LINX ( LINX can team you up with the correct equipment and guide you in how you will benefit the most from the study. They will help you identify your problem, do free testruns with you and finally team you up with the most relevant collaborators.

The day was completed with an afternoon of project kick-off. Many projects are continuing from the past project-periods. Among these are found

New projects:

  • Smart adhesives. Collaboration between AU, RadiSurf, and SP Group,
  • SuFEx click reaction techniques. Collaboration between AU and RadiSurf
  • Smart Polymers/cross-linkers
  • Sensors. Collaboration between SDU, DTU, and Newtec
  • Tribology. Collaboration between COWI and DTI

If you wish to become part of a project, please do not hesitate to contact Stine Kristensen, project manager at Open Science (