Open Science SPOMAN is no longer alone in our Open Science collaboration, Open Science CADICAT has been introduced!

Open Science CADICAT covers open projects within the area of Carbon Dioxide Catalysis.The aim of these research projects is the use of CO2 as a valuable resource rather than the waste product it is today. As an example, CO2 could become a new carbon source in the production of alternate fuels, polymers, or medicinal products and thus the research could be relevant to a long list of companies.

Currently CADICAT is purely academic and includes researchers from both Denmark, Germany, Norway, France, and Korea. But any company with an interest in using carbon dioxide as an active rather than a waste product are very welcome to join the collaboration.

As Open Science CADICAT is still a very new initiative, you can not find data online yet, but we expect the first projects to appear online during 2018. But you can find a description of the partners and examples of projects online today at