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Sharing data, findings, and knowledge is in the core of Open Science SPOMAN! But sharing the knowledge about the existence of Open Science SPOMAN is just as important.

We are constantly learning and so are other initiatives within the business of sharing science and collaborating on creating knowledge. To learn the most it is important to spread the word about Open Science both internally, through our networks and in the press.

The past few years different news media, opinion former, and politicians have been part of sharing the news of open science. We have tried to collect all the press at our webpage ( to make it easy for you to keep up to date.

Most recently, Open Science was asked to share the ideas and opportunities of Open Science in the Danish magazine, Aktuel Naturvidenskab. Aktuel Naturvidenskab direct both high schools, universities, and others, interested in current science in Denmark.

If you see Open Science in the press and can not find it at our webpage, please contact