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Open Science Festival

The Second Open Science Festival took place at May 31 2018. The festival was hosted at Aarhus University and approximately 100 visitors where introduced to both different types of openness and cool science. One of the key note speakers, Vivianne Poupon, McGill University, shared the story of how  The Neuro became the first Open Science Institute of its type.
If you missed the talk, you can find some of the points here.

Celebration of the givers

At the Open Science Festival two important players in the open science collaboration were celebrated.
Jens Hinke from SP Group was awarded the Open Science Industry award  for his continuous work and will to make Open Science a success!

Also the Open Science students were recognized for their contributions into the Open Science collaboration. Four of the most contributing students had been selected to present their work at the festival and of these, Asger Agergaard was awarded Open Science Student 2018.

Read more about the award here

Open Science projects

Do you know how many Open Science projects have been completed?

During the first semester of Open Science (Spring 2017), 9 students were associated with 6 Open Science SPOMAN projects. During 2018, further 17 projects have been conducted under the Open Science headline.
Thus in total, 23 open science projects have now been completed!

Thank you to all the supervisors, students and companies who have participated in the projects!

You can always keep up-to-date on which projects are currently running, at the webpage: If you are more interested in the newest data and reports, you should pay the Open Science Framework a visit:

We are looking forward to welcome both new students and new projects after the summerbreak.

Open Seminars in the fall

The program for the fall is starting to come together. So far you can add one seminar to your calendar. On Thursday 23 August, Open Science will focus on characterization. We hope to broaden your knowledge about where to go or who to talk to, when it comes to characterizing your samples.

Wednesday 31 October 2018 we are ready to learn all about how Machine Learning fits with Open Science.
The dates for the rest of the fall program have not yet been set but we expect the themes to be Degradable and Sustainable Materials, and Circular Economy.
Dates will be send out as they are updated. You can always find the dates and themes on the front page of the webpage: