The open science collaboration is all about sharing knowledge, finding new ways, and inspiring each other. This was indeed the case at the Open Science Festival as well. At The Open Science Festival 31 May, the audience was introduced to many aspects of collaborating openly and it was a great inspiration to hear from Vivianne Poupon from The Neuro at McGill University.

The Neuro is a world-leading destination for brain research and advanced patient care. One of the missions for The Neuro is to develop a new model of discovery and innovation based on open science as an accelerator for the benefit of patients and the community. The Neuro is the first academic institution of its kind in the world to fully embrace the principles of open science and thus Vivianne Poupon was able to bring valuable knowledge and experience to the danish open science model.

Vivianne has been part of the transformation into an open science institute and the story of The Neuro was in many aspects similar to the store of SPOMAN Open Science. It build upon a community where collaborations were already tight , trust was high, and the community was ready for a new and better way of science. A big difference, however, is found in the the theme of the research as The Neuro work with patient samples and data. As anonymity and patient safety is a very improtant issue in the sharing process, it has never been possible to send out all information real-time in the collaboration. This kind of open science may allow for an even more open collaboration, as no one is forced to share everything at day one, you are allowed to repeat your study and discuss your data before they are released into the world. The description of this way of sharing data activated the audience from the SPOMAN collaboration – in a positive way! I am sure the future will bring new discussions on how SPOMAN become the best version of open science it can be.

If you want to know more about the open science principles at The Neuro, you can read about it here: