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Thank you for a fantastic festival!

Even though, it was almost like summer and the whether invited to a day on the beach, around 100 guests decided to spend the day indoor celebrating open science at the Open Science Festival.

As part of the celebration the Open Science Festival was a great opportunity to mark the people who do something extra in the name of Open Science. Two awards were handed out at the Festival; The Open Science Industry Award 2018 and The Open Science Student Award 2018.

The Open Science Industry Award

The Dean of Science and Technology at Aarhus University presented The Open Science Industry Award. The award was given based on an extraordinary commitment and engagement in the SPOMAN Open Science community and collaboration, all the way from the early beginning of open science until today.

The Open Science Industry Award 2018 was handed to Jens Hinke from SP Group. Jens was awarded the price as he has been a deciding force in the work on developing the first open science platform in the country (SPOMAN).

He was part of the group initiating the discussion of creating SPOMAN and since then he has untiringly put his knowledge, hiw network, and himself into play to lead the way for the new, open, and trust-based approach to the knowledge collaboration. Furthermore, Jens has raised his opinion in favor of SPOMAN open science in the debate on the value for the industry of joining such a collaboration. Time after time, he has given presentations on the advantages in the open collaboration, and this has been important in creating acceptance and interest for the concept among companies, researchers, and politicians.

Jens has always advocated, that you must bring to the collaboration before you can expect to gain from it, and the more you bring, the more you gain! This has to Jens been more than just words, and he has been an active contributor to SPOMAN projects and to the development and organization of the platform.

Jens Hinke has through his engagement had an unmatched ability to nuance the discussions on the future of Open Science through a fine understanding of the many different needs and expectations found throughout the very diverse network.

Congratulations Jens and thank you for all the work you have put into SPOMAN Open Science!

Read also about the award here

The Open Science Student Award

The Open Science students are expected do something extra compared to their fellow students. They are expected to share their findings with the SPOMAN network and with the world, they are expected to network with the rest of the open science community, also when it seems terrifying to approach an industrial CEO or head of R&D. Furthermore, the students are given extracurricular education on innovation, networking and working in a diverse team. On top of all of this they are part of organizing the Open Science Festival!

To acknowledge these extra tasks they put on top of their education, an open science student award has handed out.

All the students had been asked to present an argument on how they had done something extra in the name of Open Science. Among these 4 students had been chosen to present their work at the open science festival. The four chosen students where, Jonas Jensen with a project on Photochemically driven SI-ATRP to generate polymer brushes for adhesion and antifouling properties, Asger Agergaard with a project on reversible adhesives, Jeppe Børsting with a project on buidling a 3D CLIP printer, and Stefan Pendlmeyer with a project on Bone Promoting Coatings.

All students gave fantastic presentations but one student was more clear in conveying his message in both his talk and at his poster.

Congratulations Asger Agergaard!