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It is both informing and inspiring to leave the protected world behind the yellow walls of Aarhus University and enter the real world. On Thursday 19 April, a group of Open Science students visited Unisense in Aarhus to learn more about the business, the production, and the use of sensors.

At this sunny day, the students were to find out how a spin out company from Aarhus University can become a great success.

Unisense have been involved in Open Science almost from the beginning and have had two engineering students working in their labs as part of a SPOMAN Open Science project. Unisense is a knowledge company, supplying the academic world with precision measurement equipment. However, Unisense is currently on a journey expanding their market from academia towards industrial customers. This puts other requirements on the products and thus the engagement in open science is an opportunity for inputs on new relevant fields.

Søren Porsgaard (CTO), who invited the students for this visit, welcomed the students and was ready to answer any question. Christian Buur (CEO), Lars  Hauer Larsen (CSO), Naja Villadsen (Product Developer) introduced the students to the business and products through talks and discussions. It was very inspiring to be presented to the sensor development projects and invited in to a discussion on the work done at Unisense, as the reflections done in a development lab at Unisense does not differ much from a research lab at the university. The talks gave an interesting insight into the reflections and backgrounds underlying every product and product modification. However, one thing is listening to a talk on sensors and discussing the physics and chemistry of the product, another thing is observing the process of producing, testing, and developing sensors.

After the talks, Søren showed the students all the different aspects of Unisense. From production of sensors, technology, and software to testing facilities were new sensors were designed and tested. The students experienced full openness and the more they engaged, the more they learned! You could feel the inspiration and drive grow as the visit proceeded and as the students were invited to participate in a testing experiment illustrating the sensors in action the students were ready to move in!

Thank you, Unisense for making the visit both educational, inspiring and motivating!

Now, back to the open science projects and make even more results to benefit both the academic research and the companies…