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Every semester we organize company visits for the SPOMAN Open Science students. This is an opportunity for the students to see how research is done in the companies they engage with. Furthermore, the visits will inspire the students regarding the future of their projects and careers.

There is still a large gap between university education and research, and industrial innovation and development. For the students to better understand industrial needs and how to apply some of the principles, demands, and business understanding into their fundamental research projects, it is important for them to visit different companies. The hope is that in time we can eliminate some of the technology maturation steps in technology transfer between universities and companies by creating a mutual understanding of demands and needs. If the students have an understanding of why the industry choose different materials or methods, they may be able to implement these choices at an early stage. Furthermore, the students may be able to bring new ideas and methods out into the industry and the companies have a great opportunity to engage in projects directly with the person doing the research. If we succeed with this, the students will become the bridge bringing experience and knowledge between the SPOMAN Open Science collaborators.

Last semester the students went to Lund to a visit at AlfaLaval, this semester they will visit Unisense in Aarhus. The visit will take place on Thursday 19 April. Last semester Unisense had open science students doing a project at the company, and now the current students will learn how Unisense is part of the Open Science collaboration. Furthermore, the students will experience how academic research may be directly relevant in the development of new products. It matters and motivates!

Thank you for the invitation Unisense.

If your company would also like to invite the SPOMAN Open Science students for a visit, please contact Stine for coordination (