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Is it enough to meet monthly at the Open Seminar and get updates on what is going on? Not if you want to be a part of the projects, the science, and the newest findings!

A subgroup of SPOMAN Open Science members, all with an interest in the graphene projects, meet regularly to discuss project progress. These meetings are an opportunity to discuss the future direction of the projects.

The graphene project group consist of both companies and researchers with a deep interest in the future of graphene from both an academic and an industrial perspective. The graphene project group have representatives from three Danish Universities and a range of companies. The close collaboration between students, researchers, and companies opens a new type of collaboration and platform where the students at the core of the scientific project are able to discuss the project with both supervisors and industrial mentors. The regular, smaller meetings allow for deep scientific discussion with a twist of industrial needs. All participants are engaged in the discussions and at the end of the day; the projects are ready to go even further.

SPOMAN open science projects within the area of graphene cover multiple projects. At multiple sites and from multiple angles, the different graphene projects support a common goal of creating graphene-composite. The research groups at Aarhus University and Copenhagen University, approach the challenge of producing functional graphene from different angles. In Aarhus, they introduce amine-functionalization through electrochemistry, whereas in Copenhagen, graphene-oxide is the goal. Testing polymer composites containing samples of both types of graphene, reveal how graphene may affect the physical properties of plastic.

“Great, but why should we join even more meetings?”

Part of the SPOMAN Open Science collaboration is openness, sharing findings and doing science TOGETHER to strengthen the findings and the impact. This is not done solely by attending monthly meeting and read the occasional update email. If you want to gain and want to benefit, you must participate! At the graphene-project-meetings, everyone have direct interest in the results. To improve the projects and finding, transfer of experiences and findings from one part of the projects to other parts of the projects is crucial. To achieve this, the project meetings are both focused, relevant, and filled with new ideas and solutions. This is also an opportunity to share knowledge and information from production to testing and thus ensure that nothing is lost. Even observations not thought important enough to go into written reports, might turn out to have value in the trouble shooting at a later stage in the project. Thus in this setting, project presentations and discussions offers the best opportunity to share observations and findings at relevant times.

The focus of the meeting was to keep anyone interested in SPOMAN graphene projects up to date, inspire to future directions and help remove obstacles by introducing new methods, contacts and tools to the projects. It is co-creation involving everyone, even when only a few of the collaborators actually enter the laboratory!

The different participants at the graphene-project-meetings take turn to organize the meetings and the meetings take place either at a company or at a university. This rings in an extra dimension of the collaboration, as all involved – from student to head of R&D – know who to ask for help or input.

“That sounds fantastic! How do I copy this model to the projects I am interested in?”

If this is your question, you just made me happy!

We all want SPOMAN Open Science to become a success but none of us knows how this is best done. However, we do all know that if we find something that works, it must be copied! The graphene-project-group has found one way that works for doing fundamental research in the cross section between universities and industries.

From the last Open Seminar on functional polymeric materials we found that the interest in this field and in the ongoing projects is quite big! Thus, this area of research would be an obvious choice for copying the graphene-practice.

If you would like to be part of a new focused SPOMAN project group but you do not know whom to invite or you need a location, we are here to help! However, the initiative must come from you! The need to know more about the science and the progress and the need to affect the future directions of the projects must come from you!