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At the Open Seminar on February 22, Morten Foss introduced ud to an iNano student course.

iNano offers a new course focusing in nanoscience entrepreneurship. The students will work with innovation, entrepreneurship, and business modelling in a nanoscience context. You can read more about the course here:

The course will result in the students pitching a nanoscience solution to an industrial need in front of a panel. The panel will consist of representatives from different companies with an interest in the topic. If your company, or a company you know, could be interested in joining the panel, please contact Morten Foss (

Welcome Marel to Open Science
Marel is a supplier to the food industry, focusing on weighing equipment, data equipment, and packaging systems for the meat industry. Marel enters open science with an interest in developing nonslip surfaces with anti-fouling properties, suitable for the food-industry.