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Talk by Michael Hvam, CemeCon, at the Open Seminar on Functional Polymeric Materials.

CemeCon do advanced surface coatings for many diverse materials. Coatings introduce new properties to a material; even developing nanostructures on surfaces can affect the surface properties. Mimicking nature in designing surface-nanostructures can introduce both hydrophobic surfaces, hydrophilic surfaces, anti-fouling surfaces, anti-reflecting surfaces, and anti-fog surfaces.

In the project IZADI, CemeCon introduces nanostructures in plastic moulds to introduce decorative and functional nanostructures directly into the moulded plastic parts.  The nanostructures are quite robust and  after 100.000 cycles no wear was seen. Furthermore, the inner-coatings are replaceable.


CemeCon has recently received another Horizon 2020 grant, for the project cleanMOULD, where CemeCon develops a coating for plastic moulding tools that prevents fretting corrosion. The project still have room for pilot users. If you are interested, please contact Michael Hvam or Konrad Bienk at CemeCon.