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Many projects continue in 2018

A lot of the student projects we initiated in 2017 continue in the new year, this holds true for both the master projects, that continue with the same students on-board, but also projects originally scheduled to end in 2017 will continue in 2018. This concerns the projects fiber implementation in 3D print and bone promoting coatings – both projects have new students associated. We look forward to see where the projects will take us in 2018.

Need-driven innovation

Open Science students are introduced to need-driven innovation. In collaboration with Inno-X healthcare, based at Aarhus University, the Open Science students will receive education in identifying needs and converting needs into innovation as part of their projects. The education focuses on the importance of the team – thus we hope that industrial partners will help the students by viewing the Open Science projects as team projects where all are responsible for obtaining the best results!

New organization of the Open Science Framework

We realize that the Open Science Framework is neither intuitive nor simple to use. The students make an effort to provide you with information through this channel, and hopefully it is part of your rutine – like checking social media – to visit the OSF!

If you are still not familiar with the organization of the framework, hopefully you will be happily surprised the next time you log on. The projects have been organized into 3 folders – current projects (, project archive ( and instrument platform (

The first themed meeting will focus on 3D print

On Tuesday 23 January the first 2018 Open Science meeting will take place. The meeting will also be the first theme open science meeting. You will be introduced to the many opportunities in 3D priting in both industry and research. If you become inspired, maybe you should join the Open Science project on fiberimplementation in 3D print (

Future Open Science meetings

Thursday 22 February the open science meeting theme is Functional Polymeric Materials.

Thursday 22 March we will focus on Circular Economy

The theme for the open science meeting on Thursday 26 April is to be announced.

The second Open Science Festival will take place on Thursday 31 May. Please mark the date and invite your network for this day.

The spring program will be concluded with a meeting on Machine Learning on 21 June.

Agenda and registration form will be found here: