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Stine Kristensen is the project manager of Open Science, her first semester is ending, and so are some of the open science projects of fall 2017. This means new projects as well as continuing some projects. At the Open Science symposium, Stine gave an update on the financial site of the Open Science projects.

Open Science has already applied for three FTP grants (Det frie forskningsråd | Teknologi og produktion). The applications cover Machine Learning, Photodetectors, and Reversible adhesives. Within the open science organization, you have access to competences and experience within writing applications and within the application process. You are always more than welcome to contact us if you see future opportunities in a project, have questions about funding, or would like help for writing an application.

We do science together – can we fund together?

Besides the traditional funding opportunities, Open Science will set food on unknown land in the year to come. When we talk open science and open research, crowdfunding is an obvious choice of direction. We made a first effort for crowdfunding with the Open Science dinner, offering companies the opportunity to pay for one or more students to participate in the networking dinner, unfortunately only a few students were sponsored – a big thank you to NEWTEC for supporting this initiative!

One Open Science project is currently ready for crowdfunding. Bone-promoting coatings is still on an early stage, currently running in open science with one student. For the next semester we hope to enlarge the project by attaching two students. So far, ElosMedtech has given a donation to this project. If you have interest in bone-promoting coatings, please contact Stine ( +45 93508928) to hear about your opportunity to donate.

How far can we go?

Are we ready to test crowdfunding on a larger scale? Can we raise money for an open science post.doc or even an open science PhD?

In 2018 NEWTEC, SDU and AU will work towards funding an Open Science PhD or post.doc through crowdfunding.

If you are interested in participating in this project or see the opportunity to make a similar project, please do not hesitate to contact us.