On 31 October, the companies and research groups interested in the Open Science Graphene projects held a meeting at NEWTEC in Odense. The meeting was an update on the current projects, a discussion on how to proceed and a discussion on the future of the projects. Furthermore, the meeting included a guided tour of the laboratory facilities at NEWTEC leading to interesting discussions on optimization of processes, how to include students in the companies, and how open fundamental research can provide value and knowledge important for the products of tomorrow. The minutes from the meeting is found here.

As the tour through the laboratories included all interested parties involved in Open Science, it was a tour with a group of people with very diverse competences. Bringing different people together and taking them through both successes and challenges resulted in inputs on both testing methods and future material-and equipment-choices for both host and visitors.

At NEWTEC they are not afraid to test out new ideas and integrate new knowledge to achieve even better products – how else can you explain why a company producing sorting machines for fruits and vegetables are interested in graphene research?