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The Symposium is open for all

On December 11, the Open Science Symposium will take place and we hope to see both the frequent meeting participants and new faces!

Bring a poster for the poster-session!

We would like to have both industry and university representation at the poster session. This will give both Open Science collaborators and outsiders a chance to learn more about Open Science. More of the Open Science students have expressed interest in knowing more about what the companies do (besides Open Science), the poster session is an obvious place to give the students insight into why they want to collaborate with you or maybe even pursue a carrier in Your field?

The poster-session will be given in collaboration with the Science for Society initiative “Lean Launch Pad” and thus a number of university-based start-ups will be represented as well.


We would like to see all our Open Science Collaborators at the VIP networking dinner. To make the dinner happen without draining the Open Science funds, we kindly ask you to pay for dinner. To ensure participation of students as well, we provide you with an opportunity to donate participation of one or two students as well. The day program is still free of charge.

Registration is found here: