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Open Science Symposium

When: Dec. 11, 2017

Where: iNano Auditorium, Gustav Wieds Vej 14, 8000 Aarhus C, Denmark

Program: Find the preliminary program here. The program will be continously updated.

The current open science projects are almost one semester in. This means reaching the finish line for a handful of our students. At the Open Science Symposium, the finishing students are given the chance to let you, me, and everyone else know what they have been working on in the past half year and why their project has benefitted from being part of the open science collaboration.

The Open Science Symposium will during the opening session, give us perspective on the Open Science collaboration. Get ready to learn more about the many visions for the future of Open Science presented by both researchers, companies, and students. The researchers will share their thoughts on why they have joined Open Science, how they expect to contribute, and what they hope to gain from the collaboration.

The industry will be represented by one of the open science founders, NEWTEC, and a newcomer just recently engaging in Open Science, COWI. They will share their reasons for joining – and for staying – in the open science collaboration. NEWTEC are very committed to the open science collaboration and have hosted more student visits as well as engaging in multiple student projects. COWI have yet to become part of the open science projects, thus the two companies will give very different, but equally interesting perspectives on joining Open Science.

Finally, the students will share their thoughts on doing an open science project. How is an open science project different from a traditional research project? What did they expect and what did they get?

The Open Science Symposium will also provide the possibility for gaining inspiration from outside the Open Science Collaboration. This year we have invited Anne Sofie Dahlmann Breindahl from the new initiative Open Entrepreneurship to inspire us with innovation and entrepreneurship. This will be followed by start-up pitches by several young entrepreneurs later during the day. Furthermore, Tobias Weidner will introduce us to his research on proteins and thermodynamics.

The day will be concluded with a poster session – everyone is invited to bring a poster. Some posters will be selected to be presented at a speed poster presentation.

In the evening all open science collaborators are invited to join the VIP dinner.

We encourage all participants of the Open Science Symposium to return on Tuesday 12 December to the Brainovation Day.