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Apr 30 | Open Science Future Project

Hear all about the cool science projects done in the past year, directly from the Open Science students.

This is also the chance to bring your fantastic ideas, challenges or hopes for 2019/2020 in Open Science. Both researchers and companies are encouraged to present project ideas!

Register for the event here.

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May 16 | Open Science Festival

Mark the date! On May 16 the 3rd Open Science Festival will take place.

It is the event of the year and an oppportunity to hear inspiring talks, presentations of all the cool open science done in 2018/2019 and much more.

Register here

Find Agenda here

The open science collaboration is a big and diverse collaboration, to keep in touch we regularly send out news, invites to open science events, and other information relevant to the open science network. If you want to be kept up to date, please register to our mail list.

We have collected some of the stories of SPOMAN Open Science in a brochure for you.

If you prefer the printed version, please contact Stine by mail or at the next Open Seminar

Open Science Brochure


Ready for a challenge?

Can you design a future without plastic waste? The SPOMAN collaboration has for the past 2 years been working for development of new materials and a big subject in this development is sustainability! In November 2018 and February 2019 entire Open Science Seminars...

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Open Science Newsletter March

Open Science Seminar: Composites Did you miss the Open Seminar about composites? The day gave an inspiring insight into the world of composites. More information about the day and the speakers is found here. The 3rd Open Science Festival We are getting close! Are you...

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SP Medical donates prize to Open Science

In september 2018, SP Medical was recognized with the Regional Plunkett Honorable Mention and a prize of 1000$ at the Plunkett Awards hosted by The Chemours Company. The purpose of the prize, is to promote knowledge, research, and innovation at an institution of...

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Did you miss the Open Science Seminar on Composites?

Thursday 28 March 2019, Open Science hosted an Open Seminar with Composites as the topic. The day was organized in collaboration with Michal Budzik, who gave the first talk. Michal introduced the field of composites as well as his research within mechanics of...

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Modern technology reveals medieval texts

NEWTEC and University of Southern Denmark combine knowledge and technology for common benefit. In bindings of 16th and 17th century books, rare fragments of medieval manuscripts may be found. These fragments are impossible to gain access to without destroying the...

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A succesfull first meeting between NordCO2 and Open Science

On March 19th and 20th, Open Science went to Stockholm to educate Nordic PhD students and PostDocs in the open way of collaborations. On a daily basis these students and junior researchers from the Nordic Consortium for CO2 Conversion (NordCO2), work on different ways...

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February Newsletter

Did you miss the Biopolymer Seminar? Thursday 27 February, Open Science once again opened the doors to an Open Science Seminar, This time the theme was Biopolymers and Biomimicking. If you missed this great day, and is intersted in knowing more about the...

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