Evanescent wave photocatalysis for surface functionalization

Students: Jakob Dall Asmussen, Simon Asp, and Camilla Lønborg Nielsen

Anti-fouling materials are essential in industries ranging from the pharmaceutical industry to the energy industry. Making antifouling materials in a better, smarter, and cheaper way as well as understanding the chemistry and specifications of these materials, are thus very interesting areas of research.

In this research project, materials will be altered by introducing polymers to the surface by evanescent wave photocatalysis. It is unknown whether this process can be controlled sufficiently to create an even distribution of similar polymers on the relevant surfaces. Introducing polymers to the surface will result in a super-hydrophobic surface and thus inhibit attachment of dirt, molecules, or bacteria. The functionalized surface will be analyzed to understand how the chemical processes will affect the chemical properties of the surface, the topography, the surface energy, and the stability.

Data, progress, and status on the project is found here.