SPOMAN Open Science

Fundamental Research within Smart POlymer MAterials and Nanocomposites

SPOMAN Open Science is an open collaboration surrounding the development of smart polymer materials and nano composites.

The collaboration invites both universities and companies of all sizes to join fundamental scientific projects with the purpose of come up with material-solutions for the future. The fundamental research projects are defined to cover future challenges shared by multile industries.

There is no admittance fee and all project data is available for all to use.

Monthly Meetings

Every month, SPOMAN Open Science invites participants to join in a meeting in Aarhus. The focus of the meetings is to keep all interested parties up to date on both scientific projects and the Open Science collaboration.

Dates for future meetings, registration, and agendas are found here


Next Open Science Meeting: Tuesday 23 January 2018. The theme for the meeting is 3D printing.

Latest news

January Newsletter – Ready for a new year of Open Science

Many projects continue in 2018 A lot of the student projects we initiated in 2017 continue in the new year, this holds true for both the master projects, that continue with the same students on-board, but also projects originally scheduled to end in 2017 will continue...

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December Newsletter

Thank you for a great year of open science! The first year of student-projects has come to an end. We have tested different ways of approaching the project-designs, we have discussed our visions for open science and now we are ready to take Open Science o the next...

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Where do we go from here?

Open Science Visions from different perspectives Open Science is a very diverse collaboration. We have all entered for unique reasons and we all expect different results. These reasons and goals may even change as we go. Thus it is very important that we take the time...

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Funding Open Science in the future

  Stine Kristensen is the project manager of Open Science, her first semester is ending, and so are some of the open science projects of fall 2017. This means new projects as well as continuing some projects. At the Open Science symposium, Stine gave an update on the...

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Open Science is better science

Have you ever considered why we do open science? Is it because it is open and will allow everyone access to the knowledge? Or maybe because you believe, that open science is better science? At the first Open Science festival, Courtney Sodeberg from the Center of Open...

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Why do we do Open Science?

At the festival in June 2017 we were introduced to the thoughts and ideas behind SPOMAN Open Science. Prof. Kim Daasbjerg gave us the university version of Open Science and Susie-Ann Spiegelhauer from SP group represented the company part of the collaboration. The two...

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